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Casa Oaxaca Hotel

Oaxaca, Mexico

On the pass:

Alejandro Ruiz

Style of food:

Modern Mexican

Standout dish:

Lamb in pitiona sauce with sweet potato puree and vegetables from the farm


García Vigil 407, Oaxaca

+52 95 1514 4173

Serenity and simplicity in the land of seven moles

The serene Casa Oaxaca Hotel, with its contemporary designed rooms and outdoor pool, is a fitting setting for head chef Alejandro Ruiz’s pure and simple style of cooking that has won him acclaim the length and breadth of Oaxaca.

Ruiz is concerned with producing traditional yet sophisticated dishes that are typical of the region, often bursting with colour and flavour and comprising a small number of ingredients so as not to overcomplicate things. Seasonality and locality is paramount, with the chef making regular trips to the town’s famed Abastos food market to source native and organic ingredients, which he uses to create dishes that are unashamedly traditional.

On the menu you’ll find local delicacies such as crickets, vegetables such as jicama and tropical fruits including maracuyá, as well as seafood-stuffed chillies and tacos. The flavour combinations are often surprisingly striking with Ruiz never shying away from big-hitting palate punches. Food is rarely as refreshingly honest as it is here.

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