Frontier Tojo

Official Sake Partner to Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2019

Frontier Tojo, founded in 1994, is formed of 12 top sake producers: Isojiman, Juyondai, Kokuryu, Matsu-No-Tsukasa, Hatsukame, Reisen-Masamune, Hiroki, Meikyo-Shisui, Hakurakusei Toyobijin, Bijofu and Gikyo.

Our aim is to brew the highest quality sakes using the prized Yamadanishiki sake rice from the legendary Tojo district of Kato city in the mountainous region of Hyogo Prefecture.

The sloped Tojo district is known for its ideal climate to produce the highest quality Yamadanishiki sake rice and it is recognised as a special “A” region.

Our organization values the importance of protecting the culture of sake heirloom rice and of preserving the Tojo Yamadanishiki rice for top sake brewing.

Meet our Partners

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