Taipa Village

Official Cultural Partner to Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2018

Taipa Village Destination Limited is the destination development and marketing company that introduced the brand-new concept of “Taipa Village – Authentic Macau,” established in 2015, with the goal of promoting Taipa Village as Macau’s premier lifestyle district, boosting heritage attractions, innovative dining, niche retail offerings and a diverse arts and entertainment scene. Our primary goal is to foster “sustainable heritage” in Taipa – the blending of architecturally beautiful local shop houses with vibrant retail and food and beverage concepts, which benefit the wider Macau community and become a new tourist attraction in their own right. Numerous public events are constantly held to preserve, enrich and cement Taipa Village as a distinctive leisure destination, including a diverse range of artistic and cultural offerings, which will allow visitors and future generations to enjoy a unique experience of the authentic Macau.

As the destination pioneer that has been leading the regeneration and revitalisation of Taipa Village for years, we aim to position Taipa Village as an exciting and culturally rich non-gaming destination by offering a perfect alternative to the city’s casino resorts, while actively supporting and promoting this unique heritage destination in close collaboration with the Macau government, to contribute to the sustainable development of non-gaming tourism in Macau and to reinforce its development as a core spot in Macau – the World Center for Tourism and Leisure.

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