50Best Accolades
  • The Best Restaurant in India 2022

Progressive tasting-menu restaurant crafting new Indian flavours


On the Pass

Prateek Sadhu

Pastry Chef

Kamlesh Negi

What sets it apart? The combination of a tasting menu-only concept, a focus on seasonal and local Indian ingredients and a striking dining room set inside one of Mumbai’s former cotton mills. Four years after opening, Masque received the One To Watch Award for Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2020, and made its proud debut on the list a year later.

What’s the restaurant about? Masque, founded by chef Prateek Sadhu (who left in March 2022) and director Aditi Dugar, aims to change the way Indian food is perceived around the world. By putting the focus on indigenous ingredients and transforming traditional recipes into modern and elegant dishes, it is crafting new Indian flavours and dreaming of developing a strong legacy for the country’s cuisine.

On the menu: Taking inspiration from childhood memories as well as regional Indian recipes, the offering features dishes such as french lychee stuffed with mango-kimchi gel, gongura greens and jicama, and jackfruit makai raab and katlam. With both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, diners can enjoy kholak with lamb neck or turnip, served with a delicate walnut chutney, and moral shabdeg curry with a duck or nadru (lotus stem) kebab.

Addicted to research: In 2020, the restaurant added The Masque Lab, a space dedicated to investigation and experimentation into new ingredients and techniques. It can also be booked for a one-of-a-kind dining experience for groups of 12 people.


Unit G3, Laxmi Woollen Mills, Shakti Mills Lane, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai 400011, India

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