Waku Ghin


Born in Japan, forged in Australia, perfected in Singapore

Waku Ghin

On the Pass

Executive chef Masahiko Inoue with chef-owner Tetsuya Wakuda (pictured)

Pastry Chef

Yasushi Ishino

Teppanyaki? Not exactly. At Waku Ghin, diners are treated to up-close-and-personal attention from the chefs in small dining rooms, where seating surrounds a dining bar and teppan plate, which the chefs work with rare grace and creativity.

And plenty of the good, raw stuff? Not least the signature dish, a luxe arrangement of marinated raw botan ebi shrimp and caviar served in a sea urchin replete with plenty of its roe.

But it’s not all small rooms: Guests come together at the end of the meal to eat dessert – kyoho grapes, perhaps, simply fresh and as a granita – in a shared dining space overlooking Marina Bay.

What’s the sake situation? Let’s put it this way: Tetsuya Wakuda was the first person appointed a sake ambassador of Japan outside the country. Consider your nihonshu needs covered.

And there’s a bar: Wakuda-san is also a cocktail connoisseur who takes great personal interest in the quality of the small, crisp, perfectly formed drinks served (alongside caviar, oysters and other soigné snacks) at Waku Ghin’s bar.

Images: Marina Bay Sands


Level 2-01, Atrium 2, The Shoppes, Marina Bay Sands, 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956

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