Zor Tan’s first solo venture more than delivers


On the Pass

Zor Tan

Tell us about the chef: Chef Zor Tan is former protégé of the legendary Andre Chiang, having been under Chiang’s tutelage at three different restaurant: first as the co-executive chef of Raw in Taipei, then as the executive chef of Restaurant Andre in Singapore, and finally as the executive chef of Sichuan Moon in Macau. Born is Chef Tan’s inaugural independent restaurant, where he can finally showcase his own cuisine.

What to expect: The food at Born is very much a culmination of all of Tan’s experiences, blending contemporary French and Chinese cuisines. All courses in the tasting menu are also guided by the chef’s nine guiding principles: Birth, Roots, Memories, Craft, Relationship, Vicissitudes, Time, Progress and Legacy.

The space: The restaurant is housed in Jinrikisha Station, a historical landmark with construction dating back to 1903. A stunning art piece from Peter Gentenaar hangs from the ceiling, with flowing curves that resemble clouds and white walls flanking the dining space. At centre stage is the open kitchen with counter seats, where you can watch the culinary team at work.

Signature dishes: While the menu is still in its first iteration, the aged wagyu tartare with oyster in a fried bao, as well as the monkfish with fermented capsicum have emerged as crowd favourites.