Canadian chef bringing fresh ideas to the Chinese capital


On the Pass

Talib Hudda

What’s in the name: The moniker reflects the bold concept of referencing anything in the natural world or city life, of breaking boundaries between geographic regions and cooking styles, and of creating a unique immersive dining experience. Opened in 2020, Refer is a restaurant that stands unique in Beijing.

A word on the chef: Canadian head chef Talib Hudda has experience working at world-renowned restaurants including Café Boulud and Wd-50 in New York, as well as Marchal and Studio in Copenhagen. While preparing for the opening of Refer, he staged at the ground-breaking Alchemist in the Danish capital. Hudda’s dishes are built on the layering of flavours, mixing Scandinavian aesthetics, Chinese and Japanese influences and a touch of French technique.

Take one dish: Fried crayfish with rice cake – a common Chinese dish – gets a luxurious makeover at Refer, made with a surprisingly harmonious combination of Canadian langoustine and rice cakes. The umami-laden langoustine and chewy cakes are paired with Japanese broth, presenting balanced and novel flavours.

A single space: Refer’s open kitchen is fully integrated into the dining space, revolutionising the way chefs interact with their guests. The colours of the food, the aromas of the cuisine, the sounds of cooking and the whispers of the kitchen team are all within easy reach. Here, diners are both audience and participants. For many years, Beijing was considered a desert for Western cuisine, but in Refer it now boasts a new international dining destination to be proud of.


5th Floor, Building No.8, TaiKooLi North, Chaoyang , Beijing, Beijing, 100026

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