Siete Misterios Best Cocktail Menu Award 2024

Siete Misterios Best Cocktail Menu Award 2024



A sippable history of the Windy City

Since opening in late 2022, Chicago bar Meadowlark has embodied the spirit of the Windy City in look, feel, and ethos. It is a welcoming, cozy drinking den where neighbourhood regulars rub elbows with industry types and tourists alike — and the bar’s menu is no exception, as each drink similarly celebrates the culture of the Midwest. Following hot on the heels of the inaugural ‘Field Guide Vol.1: Birds of the Midwest’ menu, which put a spotlight on the region’s most famous feathered friends, 2023’s ‘The Magic City’ menu explores the lasting impact of the World’s Fair of 1893 on the city of Chicago. Due to its deeply researched backstory, thoughtful design and beautiful construction, the menu is this year’s recipient of the Siete Misterios Best Cocktail Menu Award.

In homage to the 130th anniversary of the social and cultural event, the Magic City menu takes guests on a journey through 16 of the most notable attractions of the fair, accompanied by cocktails inspired by each landmark. Beverage director Abe Vucekovich and team conducted extensive research to identify which sites would be featured and to ensure historical accuracy in the re-telling of each backstory. As the cocktails progress from the “refreshing, bright, tropical” Golden Doorway to the “stirred, earthy, luscious” Wooded Island, the tales told alongside each drink reveal intriguing cultural touchpoints of the era. These historical notes also include hard truths about the ways in which marginalized groups were mistreated and misrepresented at the time, stirring conversations amongst guests about how Chicago has since changed. Watercolour illustrations of each event, rendered in sepia tones, accompany each entry, adding a touch of period-appropriate beauty to the mix.

In short, paging through one of the hard-bound copies at the bar feels like holding a piece of the city’s living history in one's hands. And a delicious one at that.


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