Baltra Bar

Mexico City

On any given Tuesday night, you can find much of Mexico City’s craft cocktail community gathered at Baltra Bar for martinis. The bartenders’ seal of approval is warranted: Baltra’s space creates the feel of a neighbourhood café coupled with a cosmopolitan drinks menu. Beverage director José Luis León is also responsible for the celebrated and experimental Licorería Limantour in Roma Norte, but here the drinks maestro employs a softer touch with the menus. León’s elegant lists are rotated seasonally and are always meticulously thought out: a simple Aviation, for example, becomes a sour with the addition of yuzu and sweet with jasmine syrup.

The nuanced flavours offset a lively atmosphere with friends gathered in banquettes around low tables or in the covered bar at the front of the building. With the low lighting and constant crowd of visitors, you’d be forgiven for missing the Charles Darwin memorabilia decorating the space. Baltra was the second Galapagos island visited by the venerable biologist. In the spirit of his work and travels, this chic Condessa bar provides both an evolution in mixology and a safe harbour to celebrate in.