Los Angeles

New Entry

Mírate, a multi-level, skylit and foliage ensconced oasis, is a refreshing new addition to the Los Feliz area in Los Angeles, with beverage director Maxwell Reis’s expertise in all things agave spirits front and centre. Pre-Hispanic, fermented beverages such as tepache, tejuino and nitro pulque dot the menu while the bottles behind their two bars feature a curated selection of ethically made spirits. Their extensive collection includes private barrel Oaxacan rum and exclusive batches of mezcal and destilado de agave thanks to the friendships Reis has formed with producers.

Variations on classic cocktails include the fan favorite margarita called El Guero, named after Mariscos El Guero in Ensenada and made with aguachile, nopales granita, coconut, avocado-washed tequila and garnished with cucumber-kelp caviar. Their canned paloma, Tu Compa, is made with house- made “squirt,” blanco tequila, pulque, junmai ginjo sake and granada vallet but poured into a glass painted with pulque. Southern California’s bounty of produce informs the drink menu by giving it a tropical slant, with fruit such as loquats, passion fruit, pineapple and guava appearing in the bulk of the cocktails. Don’t miss out on their vast selection of Mexican spirits including bacanora, sotol and raicilla made with ancestral methods, which are meant to be sipped neat. The vibe at Mírate is always lively, providing an atmosphere accommodating to locals and tourists alike whether during brunch, happy hour or dinner.