Bar Kismet

  • Ketel One Sustainable Bar Award 2022

Around a dozen coastal-inspired plates and as many inventive cocktails set the tone for Halifax’s Bar Kismet. Tight curation, along with a list that name-checks top Canadian and international natty wines, describes the weekly, seasonal menu at this East Coast seafood-focused bar. The menu fits the pristine whitewashed interior, brightened by greenery and the spectrum of a deep back bar. This five-year-old spot draws boutique-shopping, gallery-hopping residents of the gentrifying indie-haven North End of Halifax.

Bar Kismet was founded by Annie Brace-Lavoie (the chef) and partner Jenner Cormier (overseeing the bar), who met working at Toronto's celebrated Bar Raval. The cocktail menu also mindfully offers the ABV of each drink, like it or not, and is accompanied by flavour notes as distilled and evocative as haiku. "Menthol, stewed fruit, bold whisky and butter" describes the Famously Suspicious, made of single malt, crème de framboise and mint liqueur with popcorn, eucalyptus and lemon elements. Rare are the restaurants that can transcend serious foodie reputations to make nine stools and a counter a destination bar, but this is one. Bar Kismet is also the bona fide winner of the Ketel One Sustainable Bar Award 2022.