Café de Nadie

Mexico City

When you mix a group of celebrated veterans from restaurant Pujol with vinyl aficionados and add a bar spoon of history, you’re likely to capture lightning in a bottle. This combo has propelled Café de Nadie into one of Mexico City’s must-visit attractions. 

Stepping into the Roma Norte café, the focus on music is immediately clear. Some 1,500 vinyl albums line the walls, a high-tech hi-fi serenades the crowded room with crisp sounds, and equaliser logos punctuate the space. On the menu, original drinks are each inspired by song, like the interestingly savoury Buffalo Soldier (vodka, bonanto, chinampero beetroot, lime juice, sour orange liqueur, goat’s cheese taco with chard).

But Café de Nadie is not all music. The café’s partners – Carmen Huizapol, Mapo Molano and Jimena Lopez – share a strong sense of community responsibility. The daytime menu features products sourced from across Mexico and South America, such as the Cured Kampachi from La Paz with ponzu, pickled shallot and ginger. The name Café de Nadie is a tribute to the famed CDMX bar that once served as headquarters for Stridentist, a branch of the avant-garde movement. A century has passed since the glory days of the Bohemian de Nadie, but the modern incarnation is quickly building its own legend.


Chihuahua 135, Roma Nte., Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City, 06700

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