Double Chicken Please

New York City

  • The Best Bar in North America 2023, sponsored by Perrier
  • The Best Bar in Northeast USA 2023, sponsored by Perrier

In 2017, GN Chan and Faye Chen set out in a vintage VW minibus to host a series of cocktail pop-ups. In fall of 2020, they parked the bus and moved into a permanent Lower East Side location. NYC drinks have never been the same and the bar has been on a meteoric ascent to the top of the world’s cocktail scene ever since. The front room offers a soda shop vibe serving outstanding cocktails on tap and the eponymous chicken sandwiches. The concept is fast paced and hip, and so is the crowd.

In the backroom, things get funky. Each libation is designed to represent a drinkable meal. Consider the French Toast (vodka, roasted barley, brioche, coconut milk, maple syrup egg) or Japanese Cold Noodle (white rum, pineapple, cucumber, coconut, lime, sesame oil). Befitting drinks that require a little bit of thought, the mood is classy and laid back. Mark Chou’s menu of high-quality food also draws upon the founders’ theme of innovation. Shiitake mushroom poppers (roasted nori butter, shallot marmalade, Comté cheese) and stuffed chicken wings (black sesame oil, sticky rice, cuttlefish aioli) are just a couple items that challenge perceptions while delighting the taste buds. Back here, the lighting is low, the seating is plush and guests tend to linger for a few drinks.

Double Chicken Please is crowned The Best Bar in North America and The Best Bar in Northeast USA 2023, sponsored by Perrier.