Sweet Liberty


The slogan ‘Pursue Happiness’, coined by legendary bartender John Lermayer, hangs on the wall shining down in neon script as Sweet Liberty’s mantra. After Lermayer’s tragic death, the bar took the phrase as their raison d’être. And happiness is easy to find at this elevated fern bar. Nestled in the heart of South Beach, Miami, Sweet Liberty’s spirits list alone includes nearly 1,000 different bottles. The voluminous menu also features a healthy bubbly selection, a variety of spritzes and a Martini menu. Lermayer’s classics like Giant’s Milk (rum agricole, dark rum, condensed milk, passionfruit, pressed lime, cinnamon, fire) are still present alongside new originals like the Banana Negroni (Scotch, Italian bitters, vermouth, fresh banana, Szechuan pepper, sesame oil, chocolate bitters, smoke).
Befitting the South Florida locale, food options include elevated bar fare like shishito peppers and lobster mac and cheese. The oysters are not to be missed. Off the plate, the venue seems to always feature something special, be it live music or Sunday’s drag brunch. As a bonus, there’s plenty of time to catch the happiness; Sweet Liberty is open until 5am daily.