San Diego

New Entry

San Diego’s CH Projects hospitality group (Raised by Wolves, False Idol, Noble Experiment, Polite Provisions, and more) has another hit on their hands with Youngblood. The bar opened inside Neighborhood – where speakeasy Noble Experiment is also tucked away – in 2021 with Sam Ross of Attaboy (The Best Bar in North America 2022) fame part of the collaboration.

The kitschy entrance, a lá refrigerator door, opens into a petite but gasp-worthy 16-seat bar that’s decked out to the nines with design details that channels Great Gatsby opulence. Bottle cabinets stretch to the ceiling, which shimmers in the sparkling light of the seventeen-foot-long brass chandelier; velvet barstools offer plush seating; and two caryatid sculptures flank the center of the bar, overlooking the revelry below while holding soft globe lights. The ‘cocktail experience’ is similarly lavish, as bartenders walk guests through a 90-minute curated journey of three bespoke cocktails (just as with Ross’ New York City bar, there is no menu). With welcome Champagne and the option to add drinks to the set programme, the journey feels as over-the-top as the digs. Reservations only.