The term speakeasy is liberally deployed in the bar industry – often describing a venue with dimmed lights and a secret entrance – but 1930 in Milan executes the theme impeccably. With an undisclosed address, decor from Prohibition America and a feeling of exclusivity, 1930 is a speak to speak of. Thankfully, the thematic stylings stop short of the somewhat limited drinks repertoire of Prohibition-era speakeasies, with its current menu Europe using some of the most progressive and interesting spirits from all over its native continent. Tomatina, inspired by the Spanish city of Valencia, uses Brandy Lepanto, rye bread, red wine vinegar, cucumber gum syrup, tomato and pepper shrub. This intimate bar successfully balances a detailed theme with world-class drinks, and given its popularity and fame within the industry, a seat can never be guaranteed. Befriending owners Flavio Angiolillo and Marco Russo is your best chance of getting in.