Hong Kong

Nestled in the Four Seasons Hong Kong, Argo is named after the fabled ship from Jason and the Argonauts of Greek mythology. But instead of searching for the Golden Fleece, this Argo is seeking cocktail greatness and by all counts it has succeeded. First of all the stunning decor with floor to ceiling windows and views of Victoria Harbour is something to behold, the overall effect is that of a futuristic conservatory. On the drinks side, Federico Balzarini (beverage manager) with cohorts Summer Lo (assistance director of F&B) and Yvonne Chan (head bartender) created Cook Book, a menu inspired by Hong Kong's vibrant food culture and offering 12 tantalising cocktails. With ingredients ranging from XO sauce to vegan char siu, black vinegar to aged tea, each sip celebrates innovation, deliciously. Guests can also enjoy unique liquors with the help of the Field Guide to the World's Innovative Spirits, which highlights each bottle's unique story and origin. But it’s not all seriousness, the ambiance and hospitality is friendly, and importantly (perhaps dangerously), the venue is open all day.