Cantina OK!

When Cantina OK! opened in March 2019, it was the bar opening that Sydney didn’t know it needed. The questions were asked: how is something that small going to survive? Who wants all that mezcal? Why is there no Espresso Martini? Perhaps the bar’s owners, Alex Dowd and Jeremy Blackmore, knew something everyone else didn’t, because Cantina OK! has not only survived, but thrived.

Now, with international borders open again and overseas travel possible, the team at Cantina OK! have resumed their Mexican sojourns to source the mezcal that adorns the shelves of their small Sydney shrine to all things agave; every bottle tells a story, of someone they’ve met, someone they’ve shared a drink and a meal with, or someone whose family they know. And the bar is small: at the size of just one car space – and a hatchback at that – there’s some big hospitality happening within Cantina OK!’s walls.