Caretaker's Cottage


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Caretaker’s Cottage is a subtle temple to great drinks: the lighting, the sound, the natural timber adorning much of the room – everything conveys warmth and understated elegance. And that’s how the hospitality feels, too. They don’t shout their pedigree to the world, though each of the bartender-owners (Rob Libecans, Ryan Noreiks, Matt Stirling) have worked at the world’s best bars. The clue to the name is in the space’s history: an old small cottage where the Wesley place church’s caretaker resided. Inside, you’re up close and personal with the bartenders making your drinks behind the bar, which also functions as a DJ booth – a high-grade record player setup is embedded along one side of the bar, with stacks of vinyl set on the back bar beneath two large, warm-sounding golden speakers. From that bar comes drinks made with precision, whether that is Melbourne’s best Guinness or what is probably Australia’s coldest Martini.


139-141 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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