Hong Kong

Named after the tool used to harvest agave, Coa is a temple to all things delicious coming from the aforementioned spiky plant: think raicilla, sotol, bacanora as well as their more well-known cousins, tequila and mezcal. Owner and local bar industry veteran Jay Khan’s passion for this category is evident in the 41+ page menu of spirits that he personally selected (including an impressive selection of small-producer options). Of course, the knowledgeable staff are happy to make suggestions if you need help navigating through it. Or try one of their popular cocktails such as the Bloody Beef Maria or the Paloma de Oaxaca in the minimalist-yet-rustic interior that was inspired by Khan’s fondness for the drinking culture of Mexico. Coa also launched Mezcal Mission, a community scheme that raises money through tequila tastings. Great bartenders as well as humanitarians, no wonder it has been the No.1 venue in Asia’s 50 Best Bars a record three years in a row.


Shop A, LG/F Wah Shin House, 6-10 Shin Hing Street, Central, Hong Kong

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