Nestled among the narrow streets of New York City’s legendary West Village is 2019’s World’s Best Bar, Dante. Dante’s concept is simple – the bustling room is a picture-book Italian café. Yet, the institution’s appeal is multifaceted. Tasting a Dante’s superlative Negroni, one can quickly understand how the little café popularised the now-seminal drink in the U.S. Likewise, its signature Garibaldi, a bright fusion of Italian bitters and fluffy, juiced-to-order oranges, is now a global phenomenon. Backing up the famed cocktails are an extensive selection of amari and aperitivos.

The sips are complemented by a menu emphasising carefully sourced and prepared antipasti. Heartier fare is also available; rustic entrees, such as Grilled Arctic Char with heirloom frisée salad, pink grapefruit and summer citrus and parsley pesto, are a treat. Apropos of a great café, Dante is renowned for its brunch scene, but the venue delights all senses at all times.