Julia Momose’s Kumiko is the epitome of elegance. The refined West Loop space, livened by beautiful wood cabinetry and exposed brick, is immediately transportive. But, it is the menu where the maestra works her magic, channelling the flavours of her Japanese-American heritage. Spirits, available by the pour, bottle or flight, provide a backbone. Imbued saké, shochu, rice whiskey and Japanese whisky populate an impressive bottle list. But the bar team’s formidable skills are on display through the selection of bright and supple cocktails, such as Walk Softly (rice vodka, sake, vermouth and brut champagne) and Sea Flower (gin, blanc vermouth de chambéry, sake, kabosu juice and lime.)

If you find yourself at its lower levels, guests can enjoy a private dining room with a Japanese-inspired menu designed to pair perfectly with cocktails of the highest order. Think wagyu katsu sandos with truffle honey and crisp karaage with kanzuri mayo. Regardless of what floor you find yourself on, Kumiko will satiate your every need.