Naples’ cocktail scene is growing fast thanks to local bar entrepreneurs and bartenders like Alex Frezza, co-owner of L’Antiquario. A speakeasy style of venue, it focuses on offering the best Italian hospitality with an award-winning team. Tucked behind a wooden door, with its red velvet sofas, the cocktail bar is wrapped in a floral wallpaper. The drink list Napoli Capitale pays tribute to the city, its traditions and the artists who left their mark on the most popular districts and streets. It is the case of Andy, a calvados- and vodka-based cocktail with roasted banana and a touch of champagne dedicated to Wharhol, the father of pop-art. Classic recipes are also a must at L’Antiquario, like the merry-go-round of Negroni, with three renditions of the most consumed classic cocktail at the world’s best bars – the Umami, with tomatoes and shiitake infused dry vermouth, the Garden mixed with a peach and rose gin and the Corretto, with Arabica coffee notes.