Paradiso has one of the most novel entrances out there – accessed as it is through a pastrami shop fridge – though you’ll have no trouble finding it. This Barcelona bar – voted No.1 in the list of The World’s 50 Best Bars 2022 – has queues down the street. That’s because Paradiso is not just a cocktail bar, it’s an experience and its currency is wonder. From the aforementioned entrance to the beautifully sculpted Dali-esque curved wooden bar to the bustling atmosphere and the otherworldly drinks – it’s such a spectacle that owners Giacomo Giannotti and Margarita Sader could probably charge for tickets.

When the annual Paradiso menu drops, it’s from the top board. The most recent splash comes from the Evolution of Humankind, which takes its inspiration from key discoveries and innovations in history. On Fire, a sharing milk punch cocktail with bourbon, oloroso sherry, tahini, sweet potato and smoked milk, is a highlight. Served in a clear, round dish, with garnishes created in the Paradiso lab to represent humankind’s ancestors sitting around a fire, the cocktail uses a laser to create a flame which smokes the Jerez wine. The next menu will explore the world's mysteries - in liquid form.