A stalwart of the Hong Kong cocktail scene, Quinary celebrates nine years in the city in 2021. Fronted by bartending legend Antonio Lai, who runs several other of the city’s leading bars, Quinary is where Lai pioneered his distinct style of molecular mixology. The bar – one of the first to use equipment such as rotary evaporators and centrifuges in Asia – makes its own redistilled spirits that are used as the base to create unique, visually striking and playful cocktails designed to trigger the five senses. Its most iconic creation is the Earl Grey Martini, teetering with bubbles and featuring house made ‘caviar’ pearls of tea. The drink has become so popular it has its own dedicated station for bartenders to churn it out, but don’t miss the other creations on offer, such as the dessert-like Lavender Meringue.