Red Frog

When Red Frog opened in 2015, it caused a sensation, bringing for the first time to the Portuguese capital the latest mixological trends. In spite of continued success and international recognition, 2020 could have spelled the end when the bar closed. Owners Emanuel Minez and Paulo Gomes wouldn’t have it: they reopened Red Frog hidden deep within their other bar, Monkey Mash. The old Red Frog was a great bar, and the new Red Frog manages the impossible: it improves on it; from near-death to a triumphant return.

The hallmarks of the original remain: this is a speakeasy with modernist takes on old classics. But the new location is much more intimate in size, allowing for a tailored service that enhances the experience. And the menu is a ‘best of’, of sorts, mostly made of the most popular serves of the old bar. No fillers, only bangers.