The multi-space venue Tjoget, in the heart of the former working-class Stockholm area Hornstull in Södermalm, offers an exhilarating ambience, busy with thirsty locals and a visiting international cocktail crowd. There is a hipster vibe and a rustic industrial interior design, with the magnificent zinc bar that lures you into its world of cocktails. Right now, the menu at Tjoget is inspired by fragrances and flavours from southern Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East and can keep you absorbed, in more ways than one, for a very long time. The signature and award-winning cocktail Beets by Tjoget mixes beetroot and vodka with coconut and ginger. Andreas Bergman and Joel Söderbäck are the two bartenders who, eight years ago, started this venture that always challenges the rules and norms of the industry. But this modern craftsmanship never loses sight of tradition.