Two Schmucks

The five-star dive bar that is Two Schmucks lives up to its moniker and more. In Barcelona’s historic El Raval, all scruffy and characterful, the bar fits right in, with punk vibes and irreverent charm seeping out of every pore. The deliberate disorder stops short of the hospitality, which finds a fine balance between relaxed and attentive service, while the drinks elevate the experience away from dive, with an ingredient-led cocktail menu.

The latest list saw the bar’s ex-chef Juliette Larrouy take the creative lead and bring a culinary approach to the bar’s drinks. Many have a savoury lilt, but the crowdpleasers of old, such as the Clean Cut Mojito, are still among the bar calls. The sum total of all this is the best of two worlds – a bar that’s serious about its drinks and service, but not much else. Stay late and you’ll see, as the bar climbs though the gears – and its customers on to the tables. If ever a bar personified its owner, it is Two Schumucks creative director and founder, Moe Aljaff.