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Vancouver, Canada

New German cuisine in Vancouver's trendy Gastown quarter

In a nutshell: Maverick film-maker Uwe Boll set up this grand restaurant in tribute to his native Germany. But don't expect heavy sauces and fatty sausages. Bauhaus offers a thoroughly modern take on German cuisine with fresh flavours and delicately constructed dishes.

On the menu: The à la carte features reinterpreted German classics, such as wiener schnitzel or smoked mackerel served with apple sauce and horseradish foam. There's a modern European slant to the six-course tasting menu with dishes such as duck confit with risotto, foie gras and hazelnut.

A few words on the space: Housed in an historic 19th century building, the dining room's interior lives up to the restaurant's name (Bauhaus was an influential German art school). Minimalist and modernist, the space encompasses high ceilings, sheer concrete and black leather chairs.

In the kitchen: Stefan Hartmann trained at Vau in Berlin and Maximin in France, before opening his own restaurant, Hartmanns, in 2007 in Berlin. The restaurant received widespread acclaim and won a Michelin star.

Bonus point: Uwe Boll challenged five film critics, who had given his movies poor reviews, to a series of boxing matches in 2006. The director won all of them.

Images: chef portrait by Rodrigo Tibyrica; dishes by Sofia Kuan Photography

On the pass

  • Stefan Hartmann

Style of food

  • Modern German

Standout dish

  • Smoked mackerel, apple sauce, horseradish foam and a rye bread 'soil'