Nouvelle Vague

Tirana, Albania

When it opened in 2012, Nouvelle Vague was an unfinished space hand-built by two brothers and their parents, who were equipped only with an earnest desire to create a gathering place where the community could come together and find happiness over good cocktails. In the subsequent years, the colourful bar has cemented its role as one of the best in Albania, thanks to its impeccable vibes, thought-provoking cocktails and constant stream of thirsty locals passing through its doors. Founded by Sofokli Cali, who worked in hospitality since he was a student, the vivacious space – complete with a relaxed covered patio – is also one of the best LGBTQ+ friendly bars in the city. The cocktails often feature local spirits such as raki (a grape distillate) to offer a taste of the region, and with reggae, funk and tropical tunes on regular rotation, the atmosphere is always jocular.

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Rruga Pjetër Bogdani, Tirana,


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