Ulew Cocktail Bar

Antigua, Guatemala

As the premier cocktail bar in Antigua, Guatemala, Ulew Cocktail Bar is an 'enter through the phone booth' speakeasy with an atmosphere that feels more like a clandestine wine cave than a typical bar. Located beneath Antigua Brewing Company, the bar doesn't have a formal cocktail menu, but the skilled barkeeps are well-versed in the classics and have plenty of exciting and original recipes up their sleeves as well. Served in whimsical drinking vessels that spark spontaneous delight, the cocktails typically celebrate the bounty of fresh produce that grows abundantly throughout the country. If you're looking for the best expression of this philosophy, ask for a Kame cocktail, a modern classic for the region created by Ulew bartender Mario Alarcon. Made with ingredients that are emblematic of the region – squash seeds, salt, lemon, orange and rum – it's a love letter to the culture and traditions of Guatemala.

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3 Poniente, Central Park, Antigua,


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