Minsk, Belarus

Not only a reference to the classic combination of gin and vermouth, this Minsk bar’s name is an admission of its obsession with all things juniper. This extends to a fascination with all things botanical, including herbs, spices and roots, leading to the bar’s additional name, Kew London, a reference to that world-famous botanical garden in the English capital. All of this culminates in the bar’s latest menu, inspired by the natural environment of Belarus, consisting of 10 drinks, all making use of gin as a base. One example pairs the spirit with cocoa, chanterelle mushrooms and more, while another pairs lingonberry with Campari and birch juice. Gin&It doubles as a coffee shop, and is a welcoming, unpretentious space, conveniently located near the Belarusian National Arts Museum.

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prasp. Niezaliežnasci 18, Minsk,


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