Clive's Classic Lounge

Victoria, Canada

Named after Clive Piercy, the founder of the Chateau Victoria, Clive’s Classic Lounge is a spacious hotel lobby bar with an old-school whiskey den feel. Bartending veteran Shawn Soole helped open the lounge in 2008 – the act of which, in part, kick-started the cocktail scene in Victoria – and returned in 2020 to revitalise the programme in the midst of the pandemic. Now the bar is known primarily for its internationally-lauded whiskey collection, which boasts more than 200 bottles. Whiskey also plays a prominent role in the house cocktail menu, where vintage Old Fashioneds are mixed with old and rare brands; mini “snacktails” offer a quick dose of merriment; cocktails made for sharing serve couples; and a creative collection of alcohol-free drinks keep things inclusive. While there’s ample room for groups to enjoy Clive’s, there’s nothing quite like pulling up a barstool and learning a thing or two about America’s favourite spirit at the bar itself.

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740 Burdett Ave, Victoria, British Columbia, BC V8W 1B2


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