Suzu Bar

Shanghai, China

From the team behind Shanghai's Bar Alocase, Suzu Bar is a Japanese-influenced drinking den with Ginza native Toshiya Suzuki steering the cocktail programme. With a bartending resume that includes time spent under the study of Japanese cocktail legend Takao Mori at Y&M Bar Kisling, Suzuki moved to Shanghai to open the place, where he suffuses the operation with warm hospitality and an impeccable attention to detail. With a robust back bar, the cocktail menu offers the requisite list of classics (the martini is especially notable) in addition to several of Suzuki's signatures, where his skill for balancing contemporary flavours is prevalent. While the vibe is a little more laid-back than the hyper-traditional Ginza bars in Tokyo, reservations are still recommended to get a front-row seat for the mixing action.

Key Information


301 Huashan Rd, Jing'An, Shanghai, 200031