Forsthaus Strelitz

Neustrelitz, Germany

Wenzel Pankratz worked in some of Berlin's finest restaurants before upping sticks for this rambling farmhouse-inn in sleepy Neustrelitz. Don't let its rustic charm fool you. Prankatz may cook everything on an ancient wood-fired stove before serving on rudimentary crockery, but the food is remarkable. All ingredients are from the farm or select local suppliers. The result is such delights as lamb's tongue in celery broth and seared pigeon breast and heart with savoy cabbage in sunflower seed cream. There are also eight comfortable rooms for spending the night. Book one and fully enjoy this gastronomic hideaway – as well as its wide range of beers and liqueurs.

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Berliner Chaussee 1, Neustrelitz, 17235 Neustrelitz

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