Gurugram, India

Velvet chairs in a rust hue, flowing shapes, soft blue and green shapes on the walls that gently suggest rolling hills… the southernmost tip of India’s mainland, Kanniyakumari (or Cape Comorin as it was known to British colonisers) is famed for its sunrises and these are what inform this all-day spot’s restful interiors. Buckle up for a journey throughout the flavours of the Indian subcontinent, from the fiery fish curries of the south to the comforting dhals of the north’s epic mountains. The extensive menu is separated into small, large and extra-large plates, all of which work well for sharing and are generously flavoured. Tandoori red snapper sings alongside a refreshing mint salsa, while the malai kofta’s buttery tomato sauce is unbelievably comforting. There is also a whiskey-focused cocktail list confusingly termed ‘make it count’. After a few ‘pickled Jacks’ (Jack Daniel's, pickling spices, pomegranate shrub and mole bitters) we’re unsure if you’ll feel like counting anything…

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101, First Floor, Plaza Level, Two Horizon Centre, Gurugram,


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