Sushi Kanesaka

Tokyo, Japan

Small plates prepared with textbook perfect technique are the order of the day at this dignified restaurant, screened by a noren (Japanese entrance curtain). Youthful master Shinji Kanesaka – who trained under Takashi Saito of Asia’s 50 Best regular Sushi Saito – personally selects the fish of the day at Tsukiji Market and has been known to state that preparing sushi consistently is his way of expressing his views on life. Think sweet amaebi shrimp topped with uni, sliced yellowtail wrapped around daikon radish ribbons and fatty slithers of toro tuna. There is also an outpost of the restaurant in the Palace Hotel Tokyo.

Key Information


B1F Misuzu Building, 8-10-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061