La Penultima

San Juan, Puerto Rico

From brothers Stephen and Christopher Hoppe, La Penúltima is a casual San Juan cocktail bar fit for locals and traveling cocktail nerds alike. When the bar opened in 2016, it boasted a serious drinks programme that attracted industry types from far and wide. Then, the 2017 hurricanes prompted a scaling back in approach – aficionados will still find easter eggs on the menu like house-carbonated cocktails, acid-adjusted citrus –as well as a hearty amaro, sherry, mezcal and Japanese whisky list – but for the most part the stars of the menu are updates on vintage classic cocktails like Old Fashioneds, daiquiris, and modern classics like the Paper Plane. A bar that keep things delicious but still relaxed enough for the neighborhood crowd. No reservations.

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1359 Ave Ponce de Leon, San Juan, 00907


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