OD Urla

Urla, Turkey

Follow winding roads through the sleepy villages of the Urla region until you stumble on OD Urla, a glorious glass-fronted restaurant nestling in a fragrant olive grove. Chef Osman Sezener comes from a culinary dynasty – his family run Ristorante Pizzeria Venedik, a favourite of Izmir locals since 1979 – and this dreamy building is on the site of the farmhouse he used to holiday in as a child. His vision is significantly grander now, but the premise of food grown in the restaurant’s own garden, foraged from the surrounding countryside or sourced from nearby farming friends continues. 'Od' is the old Turkish word for fire and monthly-changing menus are pleasingly flame-licked without ever overpowering the delicate taste of vegetables. Expect Aegean flavours such as calamari with fennel marinated in orange juice, asparagus cooked in butter from the village with lightly toasted walnuts and mackerel with peppers and onions caramelised on the fire. A boutique guesthouse with a pool and simple, timeless decor completes the experience.

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Rüstem, Süt Pınarı Mevkii, 2018/9, Sokak No.28, Urla, Rustem, 35430


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