Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Drawing on molecular cooking techniques, healing Ayurvedic recipes, chakra-balancing ingredients and traditional dishes found in India’s widely-adopted vegetarian lifestyle, Avatara is at once an impressive spectacle and a crash course in Indian cuisine and culture. The first course consists of a naivedhya, or offering to the gods, and the menu breaks down the influences behind each bite: not only does chef Rahul Rana by infuse his intricate dishes with spices, edible flowers and leaves, but also with soul and spirit. Kokum curry is served in a coconut shell with a tiny rose made from apple; ghee-roasted karela (a bitter gourd vegetable) is served with mango sambhar gelato and delicate mandala-shaped dosai crisps. In his mission to elevate vegetarian food and challenge misconceptions around it, Michelin-starred Rana has mastered the art of precision with elegant presentation that makes his a visual feast as well as a culinary one.

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Dubai Hills Estate, Dubai Hills, Dubai,