Hearty farm-to-table cuisine in pastoral surrounds


On the Pass

Gadi Bor and Yonatan Danon

Pastry Chef

Tully Naveh

What's it all about? Chef-restaurateurs Gadi Bor and Yonatan Danon, veterans of Tel Aviv’s fine dining restaurant scene, left the city in 2021 to open Nomi in Kfar Monash village. Their menu is based on ingredients from Nomi’s garden and adjacent farmers’ fields. The premises functions as a fine dining restaurant at night and a bakery during the day, led by acclaimed pastry chef Tully Naveh.

Pastry focus: In recent months, Nomi has operated only from early mornings to late afternoons, with a menu based on Naveh’s creations including pastries and casual dishes. The full-service restaurant aims to reopen in due course.

Revised classics: Nomi is famed for its rustic auteur cuisine of chefs Bor and Danon. Many of their dishes are based on locally grown vegetables and filled pastas and all utilise seasonal ingredients, from herbs to lamb and seafood. Naveh’s pastry is famed for its Lechem Esh (fire bread’ round pastry filled with daily changing vegetables and cheeses, as well as rugalach – a sweet chocolate-filled striped pastry that remains one of the country’s most popular treats.

Stellar CV: Naveh created desserts and pastries in some of Israel’s most prominent restaurants before joining Nomi, including Yaron Shalev’s Toto, led by chef Yaron Shalev, and Haim Cohen’s Yaffo Tel Aviv. At Nomi, she focuses on reinvented Jewish recipes along with open-fire based dishes.