Shanghai, China

On the pass:

Tony Lu

Pastry chef:

Style of food:


Standout dish:

Marinated hairy crab with yellow rice wine


1015 Yuyuan Road, Changning District, Shanghai

+86 21 5237 9778

A peerless taste of traditional Shanghai cuisine

Step inside the rather austere edifice that houses this Shanghai institution and you are immediately transported to 1920s China, when the building was home to one of the city’s richest bankers. As with the other restaurants in the Fu stable (Fu1088, Fu1039 and newcomer Fu He Hui), Fu1015 is designed to give the diner a sense of eating in a private residence, with food that chimes with the understated yet sophisticated dark wood interior.

Head chef Tony Lu, who is also consultant chef at Yong Yi Tin restaurant at Mandarin Oriental Pudong, Shanghai, is a stickler for tradition who, after years of working in Cantonese restaurants, now cooks food from his birthplace. Much of the food is designed to be shared, and traditional Shanghai seafood delicacies are the chef’s specialities: Fu1015 is famous for its abalone tarts and sea cucumber, while visitors between October and December are able to try Lu’s renowned hairy crab dishes.

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