La Paz, Bolivia

On the pass:

Kamilla Seidler

Pastry chef:

Style of food:

Modern Bolivian

Standout dish:

Native potatoes cooked in pink salt, nasturtium flower and elderberry capers


Calle 10, Nº 300, La Paz

+591 2 211 7491

Danish-led project to explore Bolivian cuisine that is capturing the imagination

What would a Danish chef do in La Paz? That’s the first question everybody was asking when Claus Meyer, the famous chef-restaurateur who founded Noma in Copenhagen with René Redzepi, announced he was opening a restaurant in Bolivia. He recruited two talented young chefs, Dane Kamilla Seidler and Venezuelan Michelangelo Cestari, who trained and managed a team of inexperienced Bolivian cooks, to explore the possibilities of Bolivian high-end cuisine, using nothing but endemic produce.

The result is a restaurant where every dish is a reminder of a culinary tradition almost unknown, not only to the rest of the continent, but even to most Bolivians. Alpaca, llama or river trout are served with palm heart, veal heart or cochayuyo (a South American seaweed) to create dishes that are reshaping the face of Bolivian gastronomy.

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