Automobili Lamborghini Asia Pacific


Automobili Lamborghini is speed and colours since 1963. The words of Ferruccio Lamborghini represent its DNA: “Our brand rises from a dream, from an ambitious vision, from a challenge — to create the most desirable super sports car ever.”

Automobili Lamborghini's DNA has always been focused on making the impossible possible. We are innovators, future shapers and pioneers — in other words, rule breakers.

Lamborghini's brand pillars are informal luxury with a ‘future shapers’ attitude and ‘designers of experiences’ approach. Luxury means time, materials and exclusivity; informality reflects a life without constriction, lived in comfort, enjoying essence before form.

The main model lines are the Super SUV URUS, the V12 Aventador, the V10 Huracan and the newest-born Huracan EVO. Lamborghini also produces a series of Few Off models and will increasingly focus on customisation with the Ad Personam programme. In 2019 Lamborghini will launch The Lounge project in Tokyo.

Automobili Lamborghini Asia Pacific set another sales record in 2018, reaching over 1,300 cars sold in Asia Pacific and 5,750 cars worldwide.

Lamborghini Asia Pacific oversees Southeast Asia, Oceania, India, Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau, Japan and South Korea. With more than 550 cars sold, Japan is the third largest market worldwide.

Automobili Lamborghini Asia Pacific

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