Gin Mare

Official Premium Gin Partner to the World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2019

Gin Mare is crafted using traditional Mediterranean techniques and rhythms with the sole intention of creating a most exceptional gin: starting with its premium barley, on to its delicate maceration and the independent distilling of each botanical (some, as in the case of citrus, take over a year to harmonise) through to the signature blending, allowing each element to express itself in the end product.

Botanicals like rosemary lend Gin Mare a piney, woody scent called pinenes, which is a key odorant also found in juniper berries, the primary ingredient for most gins. Juniper berries contain another herbal, aromatic note known as betamyrcene, which is also present in basil and thyme. Italian sweet basil imparts certain anisic (anise-like), balsamic (cinnamon-like) and camphor-like aromatic notes to Gin Mare’s signature blend. Lastly, the small, black Arbequina olives impart a distinctive savory element to Gin Mare, rounding out its fruity, herbal notes with their fragrant green grassy, tomato-like aroma, which makes it a perfect pairing to savour with the most discerning gastronomy.

“Mare Nostrum” is our universal concept referring to the communities living around this magical sea, tied together by their love of great food, their wonderful climate and their unique lifestyle, where time runs differently to the rest of the world.

Gin Mare

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