Seafood from Norway

Official Seafood Partner to the World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2019

Norwegians have seafood in their genes

More than 80% of the Norwegian population lives less than two hours away from the ocean and has lived in unison with the rough forces of the sea for centuries. A long coastline, thousands of small islands and deep fjords have given us an environment where seafood thrives. No wonder we ended up as a seafood nation, with great pride in our products and a wish to preserve our resources for generations to come.

Battling extreme weather, we have gained the ability to harvest the best produce nature has to offer. We Norwegians tend to say that our climate is not perfect for humans, but offers perfect conditions for seafood. Our ice-cold waters allow seafood to grow slowly and develop a pure taste of nature. We harvest these gifts of nature very carefully and are proud to say that we manage our fisheries and aquaculture in full compliance with sustainable principles.

The unique combination of Norway’s cold climate and crystal-clear waters gives Norwegian seafood its superior quality and unmistakable taste prized by chefs and seafood connoisseurs all over the world.

Once you have tasted Seafood from Norway, you will never settle for anything less.