Tokyo, Japan

On the pass:

Takahisa Yuyama with Yoshihiro Narisawa (pictured)

Pastry chef:

Kanako Sakakura

Style of food:

Innovative Satoyama Cuisine

Standout dish:

Satoyama Scenery


Minami Ayoyama 2-6-15, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062

+81 3 5785 0799

Innovative Satoyama Cuisine from the world-renowned Japanese chef

What makes it special: Chef Yoshihiro Narisawa is a trail blazer in the world of Japanese cooking, taking a cuisine baked in tradition and applying new techniques learned through experience and years working with top chefs across Europe.

A slice of history: Narisawa-san was born in the Chita peninsula in Aichi prefecture, 380km south of Tokyo. His grandfather ran a Japanese sweet shop, his father a western one, and the family home was a place of the freshest produce – milk and eggs were delivered direct from local farms to their door each day. It was from this childhood that the chef developed his desire to know the face of the grower behind each ingredient, and he continues to support local producers to this day.

Conscious cooking: With an acute interest in epicurean ecology, Narisawa approaches his kitchen with the theme of “harmony of sustainability and gastronomy.” His dedication to sourcing produce from organic farmers has been recognised in the industry with multiple awards.

Typical dishes: Described as precise, whimsical and delicious, the menu is constantly changing with the seasons so expect creative dishes cooked with the freshest Japanese ingredients. These might include ‘irabu’ sea snake with taro potato; bread of the forest or red gnome fish.

Thirsty? The wine list has been praised as an incredible showcase of Japanese wine, but those who prefer drinks of the non-alcoholic variety can opt for the interesting tea pairing.

Bonus point: 20 years ago, Narisawa collaborated with a university to determine the optimal temperature to cook meat. Perhaps this is why his Wagyu beef rump roast is so highly praised.

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