Le Moût

Taichung, Taiwan

On the pass:

Lanshu Chen

Pastry chef:

Makito Hiratsuka

Style of food:

Modern French

Standout dish:

Blaze mushrooms, veal sweetbread, dried tangerine rind, chestnut, rice essence


59 Cunzhong St, West District, Taichung City, Taiwan 403

+886 4 2375-3002

Beautifully balanced French cuisine

A few words on the chef: Lanshu Chen strives not just for good food, but an entire dining experience that can be looked back on as a happy memory. She achieves this through nuance of flavours and exquisite skill, prompting her to be named Asia’s Best Female Chef in 2014.  

Before it all began: Chef-patron Chen dreamed of embarking down the pastry chef route and opening a quiet salon de thé. However, she took a delicious detour when she fell in love with French cooking while training at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. Following graduation she gained notable experience at Les Ambassadeurs with Jean-François Piège and Jérôme Chaucesse, Relais d’Auteuil with Patrick Pignol and The French Laundry with Thomas Keller.

What to expect: Described as haute cuisine de terroir, the menu consists of sophisticated dishes that are classically French with subtle Taiwanese influences. Find items like the American prime filet with French goose foie gras poele and sautéed chanterelles topped with a green peppercorn sauce.

Where is it? In the west coast city of Taichung, Le Moût is located in a modern four-storey mansion. The décor is classy French, with a luxurious interior and an elegant outdoor courtyard adorned with large chandeliers.

What’s in the name? Le Moût refers to viniculture; derived from a French term that encapsulates the process of fermenting grape juice, a simple substance, into a fine and complex wine.

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