Taipei, Taiwan

On the pass:

Left to right: Kai Ward, Richie Lin and Long Xiong

Pastry chef:

Style of food:

European-Asian fusion

Standout dish:

Beef tartare with clam mayo, confit egg yolk and preserved daikon


No. 28, Siwei Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106

+886 2 2700 0901

An intriguing blend of Taiwanese ingredients and New Nordic principles

In a nutshell: Three dynamic young chefs have pooled their experiences at some of the world's best restaurants at this uber-cool restaurant in Taipei, which melds New Nordic influences with Taiwanese ingredients.

Back story: Hong Kong-born Richie Lin first met Australian chef Kai Ward at Quay in Sydney, before moving on to Copenhagen where he staged with US chef Long Xiong at Noma. The three friends joined forces in Taipei in 2014, attracted by the quality and diversity of Taiwanese produce.

What to expect: Noma's influence is clear to see with herbs and flowers decorating dishes such as burnt cabbage topped with smoked salmon roe and hazelnuts, but culinary traditions from closer to home are also honoured. Think pork ribs with aged miso and plum glaze or a summer salad of nearly 30 different vegetables from local producers dressed with fermented black beans.

What's in a name? Mume is the word for plum blossom, Taiwan's national flower.

Bonus point: The restaurant regularly collaborates with other chefs, most recently welcoming Osaka-based La Cime's Yusuke Takada for a series of special meals.

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