Shinji by Kanesaka


On the pass:

Koichiro Oshino

Pastry chef:

Style of food:


Standout dish:

Uni Gohan, decadent bowl of sea urchin rice with fatty tuna and salmon roe


Raffles Hotel, 2-20, 1 Beach Road (via Seah Street lobby), Singapore, 189673

+65 6338 6131

Refined edo-mae sushi in the heart of town

Chief reason to visit: Fans of Tokyo-based consultant chef Shinji Kanesaka go along to the eponymous Singapore restaurant to savour his famous edo-mae sushi. Perennial favourites include otoro, chutoro, shimafuri and akami, not forgetting the fatty bluefin tuna in winter.

Who's the chef? The sushi here is crafted by a team of Japanese sushi chefs led by chef Koichiro Oshino, who trained with Kanesaka in Tokyo before he was transplanted to Singapore. 

Which omakase to order? Hungry diners should order the Omakase Shin – a tasting menu comprising an appetiser, sashimi course, a parade of nine to ten morsels of hand-pressed nigiri sushi plus cooked seafood dishes including, if you’re lucky, the five-hour steamed Hokkaido abalone. It ends with the sea urchin gohan, soup, a dessert and fruits.

Other ventures: Apart from the Raffles Hotel flagship, which celebrated its fifth anniversary in July 2015, Shinji by Kanesaka also has an offshoot at the St Regis Hotel in Singapore.

Do you know? Shinji by Kanesaka carries an interesting array of sake, from the easy-to-imbibe starter level Soutenbou, to the intensely aromatic Kokuryu, to the rare premiums like Juyondai Ryusen. The sake menu does not list all labels carried – there are ‘hidden’ bottles that can also be unearthed upon discussion with the okami san and chefs.

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